Install a thermostatic control without volume control and split the output to two separate volume control valves, one to the shower head and the other to the body spray. The collection is Grohe designs sleek, upscale and innovative faucets for both the kitchen and bathroom. Please note: to login or register, you are directed to the GROHE Login page. Install a thermostatic control with inbuilt volume control and attach a diverter valve at the output. The diverter will direct the flow to either the shower head or body spray. against the trade or retailer, but not against the manufacturer). All Grohe faucets use an integrated cartridge system that prevents the faucet or shower from giving water from a single hot or cold line. How to Increase Hot Water Flow on a Grohe Faucet. Also one of the on-off valves is leaking and I can't get the handle off … Many of Grohe's faucet trim sets feature the GrohTherm SmartControl design, which includes a series of push-button diverters and pressure valves plus a large central knob that controls the water temperature. you will see a green plastic cap with a cross slot in it. The valve unfortunately makes a high pitch noise on occassions, the noise is most certainly coming from the valve itself and it seems to be related to the valve stabilising the temperature of the water coming out. If you're in the process of installing one of these styles, you can adjust the temperature before any of the decorative knobs or escutcheons are in place. Grohe produces a large line of shower and bathroom assemblies such as showers, faucets, tubs and toilets. Based on a modular concept, the battery-powered Digital Controller and Digital Diverter open up a world of planning opportunities. The main controller has not worked since we moved in (no display comes on, even with newly changed batteries). after removing the circular clip that number 1 is pointing to, remove the white dial with the temperature numbers on it. Need advice. Since hansgrohe distributes its products to its customers via wholesalers, the trades and retailers, this means the customer has a warranty claim primarily against the direct seller (i.e. Hi, I recently moved into a property where we have two Grohe shower units, one with a main controller and one with a remote controller (45440). I have recently completed the fitting of a new bathroom suite and installed a Grohe Avensys Thermostatic shower valve. Re: Grohe thermostatic mixer not hot enough; Author: packy (MA) you need to take the trim off down to about number 1 on this view. loosen that cap about a turn to turn and a half. For example, you can adjust or replace the cartridge inside the faucet if … In principle, the buyer of a product has a warranty claim against the seller for a certain duration. Page 3 grohe F-digital Flexibility For your grohe SPA™ GROHE F-digital embraces wireless technology to bring design freedom and installation flexibility to the bathroom and kitchen. Some Grohe faucet features can be adjusted for optimal use or to troubleshoot problems that arise over time. I have a Grohe shower fixture with a thermostatic water mixer control. I had to replace the cartridge and now am trying to adjust the temperature control to the correct range without success. The login is available for web users and members of the GROHE SMART loyalty program. Grohe faucets are of premium quality and designed to provide many years of good service.