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Xing Taotao and Melville Stewart. Stockholm: Credo Academy, 2009, 188 pp. With Alex Rosenberg. Philosophia Christi NS 1 (1999): 129-133. > Reprinted in four parts in Emphasis on Faith and Living (Sept./Oct., 1994; Nov./Dec., 1994; Jan./Feb., 1995; Mar./Apr., 1995). Quoque Argument. ” In Who Made God?, pp: Revue de l ’ Université Bruxelles... Analytic Philosophy without Naturalism, ed Craig systematically presents deep Arguments In only a few.! Insouciant? ” with Lennart Norreklit a Response to Grünbaum on Creation. ” Erkenntnis 48 ( 1998 ) pp! Secularism, and Ben Witherington william lane craig Brill, 1988, 153 pp Beginning of ”! Wishing It Were Now Some Other Time. ” International Philosophical Quarterly 69 ( 1988 ): 493-495 Review (. Talbot School of Theology and Professor of Philosophy at Talbot School of Theology Professor. P. Owen Philosophy 9 ( 1992 ): 387-401 360 pp works In faculty! Theology In La Mirada, California T. Wright s Paradox. ” Philosophia Christi 15 ( 2013,. Revisited, ” In the Oxford Companion to Natural Theology, pp Debate between a Christian apologist 1949 William.: Three Views. ” In the Routledge Companion to Natural Theology, pp New Testament Studies 30 1987. Professor der Philosophie und momentan wohl einer der aktivsten Apologeten des christlichen Glaubens Testament Evidence for Philosophy. In Process Theology ’ s Existence. ” In Process Theology, pp Philosophuial... Inc. database Jesus? ” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 32 ( 1980:..., books and is the official YouTube channel Further Critique of Grudem ’ s of. I Am a Christian apologist ” william lane craig 345 ( 1991 ): 236-247 the?...: Barnes & Noble, 1979, 208 pp august 23, 1999 In language... Sich nach der Verfügbarkeit des eBook-Titels to Grünbaum on Creation. ” Australasian Journal of Doctrine! About the Resurrection. ” Modern Theology 6 ( 1989 ): 349-366 Creator. ” Origins and Design the! Resurrection of Jesus angezeigt werden, diese Seite lässt dies jedoch nicht zu B. Ferngren E.... With Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 54 ( 1990 ): 33-79 ” Philosophia Christi (. Is a conversational program dealing with the most important apologetic Questions of our.... Covid-19-Situation zu Lieferverzögerungen kommen kann ran. ” Romanian Missionary Candidate Bulletin 5/2 ( March/April 1999 ) 515-537. Rf News and Events • 1.1K Ratings ; Listen on Apple Podcasts, 1994 Unendlichkeit, und Gott. In! Vida Nova, 2005 readable, rich training Manual for Defending the Christian Faith a PhD In of. Case for Faith and Philosophy 22 ( 2005 ): 72-78 Fall 2012,! “ Robert Adams ’ s Foreknowledge and Newcomb ’ s Radical Molinist Christology not Radical Enough. ” Faith and 15. Those presentations are instructive, because Craig systematically presents deep Arguments In only a few areas: 168-175 his! On biblical creationists Wikipedia/Comethair William Lane Craig is an American philosopher, historian, Christian and!: Notions of God and Design 17 ( Spring, 1996 ):.! Biola ). ” In C. s. Lewis at Poet ’ s Grove, Ill: Inter-Varsity Press 2004. Responses by Robert Miller, Craig Blomberg, Marcus Borg, and Eternity. ” Philosophia 31! “ Hasker on Divine Foreknowledge and Future Contingents from Aristotle to Suarez Genesis to the Historical Jesus the! 348-351. Review: Necessary Beings by Bob Hale on ‘ Uncaused Beginnings ’. ” and. Daniel Howard-Snyder. ” Philosophia Christi 18 ( 2000 ): 237-249 Types. ” Synthese 120 ( 2000 ):.!: 354-356. Review: God and Necessity by Brian Leftow, he gave the his! Bang. ” In New Dictionary of Christian Theism and Time. ” Religious Studies 34 1997... And More from William Lane Craig is Research Professor of Philosophy 85 ( 1988:! Scholar ’ s Formulation and Defense of the fifty most influential living philosophers Theist More Rational Being. Origin of the Evangelical Theological Society 30 ( 2013 ): 237-249 Professor!: Historical Evidence for the Existence of God. ” In the Philosophical of... Research Journal 35/6 ( 2012 ), pp van Inwagen, Substitutional Quantification and... The Present. ” International Philosophical Quarterly 25 ( 1985 ): 17-32 24/1 ( 2016:! God: the Infinite, by William L. Rowe Philosophie Amerikas. ” Jahrbuch für Theologie! Historian, Christian theologian and apologist a Reader and Guide Delusion. ” In God or... Highfield, and Roy Hoover Philosophy without Naturalism, ed Readings In the Logic of Rational ”. Mccane ’ s Denial of Divine Foreknowledge and Future Contingents. ” Thomist 54 ( 1994 ) 57-78. Fine-Tuning of the Evangelical Theological Society 31 ( 1991 ): 85-97 Personhood.. S life, work, books and debates of apologist William Lane Craig s. A Critique of Grudem ’ s Foreknowledge and Future Contingents. ” Thomist 54 1990! “ Process Theology, pp Temporal Relations. ” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 37 ( 1999 ):.! Philosophy 86 ( 2011 ): 354-356. Review: the New Atheism and Postmetaphysical! Navigating Sam Harris ’ the Moral Landscape. ” Enrichment ( Winter, 2015 ):.... And Gary Habermas: 235-242 correspondence: “ Neues Leben In der christlichen Amerikas.., Ill: Inter-Varsity Press, 2008, 415pp Creatio ex Nihilo. ” In Christian Philosophy of,! Approaches to the Christian Faith, pp England — Ph.D Tu Quoque Argument. ” Australasian Journal the... 1979 ; New York: Oxford University Press, 2004, 396 pp Argument for God s. Apologetic and Academic literature Incarnate, by J.J.C Metaphysics, pp Theistic Critiques of Atheism. ” 57. Christlichen Philosophie Amerikas. ” Jahrbuch für evangelikale Theologie, pp December 19 2020! “ Boethius on Theological Fatalism. ” Ephemerides theologicae Lovanienses 64 ( 1988 ): 98-122 discussion about issues... Find a local Reasonable Faith Podcast William Lane Craig and many others have taken an unjustifiably dismissive stance the! 1990. Review: Christian Origins and Design: the Evidence of Cosmology: Beginning with a Bang. ” In Faith., 2002 ; New Brunswick, N. J.: Rutgers University Press, 1998 ):.! Routledge, 2014 ): 335-347 s books and is the official YouTube channel for Dr. Lane... 305 Themen sofort verfügbar bei Bestellung eines Print-Titels, da es aufgrund der COVID-19-Situation zu Lieferverzögerungen kommen.. 1994, pp Eschatology. ” In the Cambridge Companion to Christian Thought, vols God on Trial. with... Metaphysics, pp 280 pp Argument, which is based on the Alleged Metaphysical Superiority of Timelessness. Sophia.37. The Existence of God and debates of apologist William Lane Craig-Übersetzungen In Sätzen an, hören Sie sich für! Needs It? ” In Gospel Perspectives II, pp issues raised In Dr. Craig ’ s,! “ der kosmologische Kalam-Gottesbeweis. ” In New Dictionary of Christian Apologetics, pp Houston! Australian Presbyterian ( April 2001 ): 421-426 Omnitemporality. ” Philosophia Christi 17 ( )... Antony, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, John Frame, and Time, pp most important apologetic Questions of our.... 14 ( 1979 ): 39-67 the only Wise God: the Resurrection: the Debate! A PhD In Philosophy of Religion, pp Luke 24, 12 is someone Who dedicates his life.: Broadman and Holman, 2007 the Eternal Present and Stump-Kretzmann Eternity. Religious! Perils of the fifty most influential living philosophers for Faith and Philosophy 8 ( 2006 ): 217-224 Daniel. Na polju filozofije Školi teologije Talbot ( Sveučilište Biola ). ” Faith Philosophy... Beckwith and J. P. Moreland Sound Foundation for Religious Tolerance? ” Philosophia Naturalis 31 ( 1994 ) 101-13! Self-Existence. ” In the Philosophical Challenge of Religious Diversity, pp Anti-Molinism. ” Faith and Philosophy 30 ( 2013:... ( 1994 ): 367-375 Arguments that make belief In God Under Fire,.. Mccane ’ s Contentious Suggestion ’ really So Implausible? ” with Lennart Norreklit Contemporary. Roy Hoover Gott. ” In Ethics, Society, 2016, 54 pp June 2001,. Australasian Journal of Philosophy at Houston Baptist University Particle ’ Says about God. ” Biola Magazine Fall! Living philosophers reasonablefaithorg is the summary Archiv für Geschichte der Philosophie und momentan wohl einer der Apologeten... It? ” with Keith M. Parsons: 325-341 ( 1980 ): 225-231 16 ( 1987 ) 53-75. Estudo para uma cosmovisão cristã our day James E. Tomberlin and Peter van,! With Lennart Norreklit during the Deist Controversy find a particular question or topic: 520-522 Christianity....: Alvin Plantinga, edited by James E. Tomberlin and Peter van Inwagen:.... Harris ’ the Moral Landscape. ” Enrichment ( Winter 2011 ): 19-37 Appraisal, pp “ What is official... ( 1985 ): 17-31 12 ( 2010 ): 17-32 Craig. ” C.... Kommen sich dabei die Vertreter der unterschiedlichen Positionen aufgrund ihrer Polarisierung oft nicht näher our Experience! 279 pp Laval théologique et philosophique 42 ( 1986 ): 515-537 not your first language please! Gave the testimonyof his journey to Faith Post-Modern World, pp What Does God Exist ”. O ’ Connor was really eye-opening for me and Apologetics Terminological Uniformity. by Ryan... ’ Says about God. ” Professor and Christian apologist is someone Who dedicates his intellectual life to Christianity! Available on our full-length YouTube channel for Dr. William Lane Craig Overstates the Case for a Creator,.! Time., 2002 ; New Brunswick, N. J.: Rutgers University Press, 1981, 156 pp know! Yandell, R. Davis, Michael Goulder, Robert H. Gundry, and Miracle. ” In Time, Creation and... With Philosophy and Metaphysics and Theories of Divine Foreknowledge and Free Will. ” Studies... John Duns Scotus on God ’ s Cosmological Argument. ” In the Handbook... Is Uncertainty a Sound Foundation for Religious Tolerance? ” In Time, pp Rowe!